"Being an alternative community in the midst of a conflict"

Wycliffe Ethiopia On the eve of its tenth anniversary, Wycliffe Ethiopia held a Missiological Reflection seminar on the topic of “Being an alternative community in the midst of a conflict” in collaboration with Hintset Christian Society. At the seminar, Dr.Girma Bekele (from Tyndale University College Seminary) and Dr.Yonas Adaye (from Addis Ababa University) presented their research findings.

Consultant Checking

Main Consultant Checking of new Testament Bible with Four languages Tsara, Mursi, Zay and Innor is completed.

Fellowship of Eritrean Evangelical Churches

The “Fellowship of Eritrean Evangelical Churches – in Ethiopia,” in partnership with Wycliffe Ethiopia, has provided training on “Trauma Healing”.

Quality Assurance

Wycliffe Ethiopia has trained its Bible translators with a translation strategy called “Quality Assurance”.

Reviewers’ Guide on New Testament books

Wycliffe Ethiopia is very grateful to God for the enhancement training that regularly receives from various partner organizations.

New Facility

Wycliffe Ethiopia has finished construction of its new office facility. The two story  building is a significant achievement and will undoubtedly provide a more conducive environment for the successful operations of Wycliffe Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa region.

Basic Hebrew

Nicolai Winther-Nelsen is a professor of Biblical Hebrew at Fjellhaug International University College Denmark and affiliated researcher of the Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer (ETCBC) at the Faculty of Theology of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Praise And Prayer Day

Wycliffe Ethiopia Bible Translation Association has celebrated the annual prayer and praise day held by 120 Wycliffe Global Alliance partner organizations around the world.
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