Why Bible Translation

We believe that the Bible is God’s Word to us — something that everyone should be able to understand in their own language. But more than 1,600 languages around the world are still waiting for a translation project to begin.  When people finally get the Bible in their own language, lives often change in amazing ways. People are transformed as they are led to Jesus Christ and a right relationship with God. That’s why Wycliffe Ethiopia Bible Translators exists — to help these remaining languages get the Bible for themselves. And we won’t stop until all people have God’s Word in a language they understand. See for yourself what God is doing around the world and how lives are transformed by understanding the Bible in the language that speaks directly to their heart.

The Need

There are more than 87+ living languages in Ethiopia today. It is estimated that nearly more than 127 million people, are represented by those languages. As many as 30 million speak languages in which no portion of scripture in their mother tongue. These people do not have even one verse of the Bible in their own language. Many of these language communities have oral cultures and many have no writing system for their language. Scripture engagements including community development are essential because a number of Ethiopian and horn of Africa language communities are not receiving the privileges and benefits of holistic ministry. The desire of Wycliffe Ethiopia is to see transformed lives and communities through these services encouraging the whole being of a person.
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