Quality Assurance

Wycliffe Ethiopia has trained its Bible translators with a translation strategy called “Quality Assurance”. This method helps us to understand the quality of the Bible translation produced. The training was provided by experts in this field who came from overseas. “Quality Assurance” of Bible translation is a translation screening method that examines whether the translation is clearly being interpreted or translated, whether the translators have referenced different versions, whether they maintain the context, whether the clarity of the translation and its existing (natural) message are preserved, whether they are careful of the grammar-law of the language, and so on. This training has great importance to the Bible translation ministry being offered in our institution. And hence, we are grateful to those who have shared their expertise. And, first and foremost, we thank God who opened this training door for the success of our ministers. Please keep our translators in your prayers so that they will be more effective in this process.

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