What opportunities are available for a volunteer at a place such as Wycliffe Ethiopia?

Don’t you need some Bible translation skills? I won’t deny how having some aptitude toward languages is an asset. However, there are other areas where anyone with a passion for reaching the lost can be used.I originally came to Wycliffe, Ethiopia, with the hope of serving refugees. At the time, I was told much of the work was outside of the city near the borders with some surrounding countries. Furthermore, traveling was not much of an option due to the recent pandemic. But during our discussion, there was talk about a writing project.


I had some experience with writing books, so I was very excited about the possibility of using my passion for helping fulfill the mission of Wycliffe Ethiopia. I enjoyed getting to know the staff through writing articles and even getting the chance to sit in on an interview. If I had the time, there would have been other chances to meet and interact with those who are sacrificing to make the Word known in other languages.  

If you don’t see yourself in the next writing project, there are other possible avenues of volunteer work. I remember a diplomat from Sudan come into the Wycliffe Office, asking for help in learning more English. If you feel called toward making an impact with those in politics, I suggest you contact Wycliffe Ethiopia.  

But if teaching leaders seems daunting, perhaps something less structured is more for you. There is some Wycliffe staff who want to practice their English-speaking skills. I taught English to a few people during my time using Spotlight English. We did a listening exercise and devoted the remainder of the time to discuss topics such as Ethiopian culture and holidays.  

There are also conferences done by the Wycliffe team. I remember two Wycliffe staff conducted a very informative Trauma training. I assume there would be criteria for involvement in such important work, but if you feel led to help in such an area, Wycliffe could have a place for you.  

Overall, I had a positive experience. I enjoyed the coffee break time and having a few conversations with the staff. There was a family feel evident in the organization. If you only know English or only Amharic, don’t let such a hindrance deter you from considering the benefits of devoting your time at Wycliffe Ethiopia. I believe the volunteer experience will be adequate to hone some skills and prepare you to further the work He has for you.

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