The Crossroads of War and Sacrifice Reap a Kingdom of Harvest

Famous legends are not where everyone had an easy life. Stories that stick are those where there’s triumph after enduring times of sacrifice and hardship. They are remembered because we can relate to them, and their example helps us to press on when we face our trials. The life of Matewos and Ruth Cremer is such a story. Only God could orchestrate events where two people from different cultures could come together to make an eternal impact.

"And love the stranger, in giving him food and raiment."

"Truly, truly, God sent you in His time and hour, if the food aid that came through Wycliffe had not come then at the time it came, there would have been many children and adults who would have lost their lives to hunger For months."


Translation on a tree

There is no easy road when it comes to serving God and His Kingdom, and translation work is no exception. But for those who endure hours reading the bible in one language and transferring it into the heart language of another, the rewards are beyond verbal expression.
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