Print On Demand

POD is a high-speed, digital printing system that can be placed in one single room. It is a program with equipment that
enables native Christians to print the bible and bible related materials on demand. It also has the potential to grow into a
business: to publish scripture and scripture engagement materials.
It will help put scriptures directly into the hands of people living in spiritual darkness, in their heart language. There are six
pieces of equipment which make up a print-on-demand system: computer, printer, cutter, binder, laminator and crease

The Need

There are many places where it’s very difficult for believers to get their hands on scriptures. There are different reasons:
  • For some people groups wishing to have a copy of scripture and it is very expensive to print limited copies of the scripture for them.
  • The people group might live in an area where they experience hostility so that it is difficult for believers to get their hands on printed scriptures.

External printing ministries

We giving printing and binding services for external customers from within the local church to help local writers and to generate income to cover running costs. To this effect, we have opened up our doors to customers who want small quantities printed.
So far we have given ministry to:
The Bible society of Ethiopia, EKHC (Evangelical K’ale Hewit Church), Koreb Bible College, Glob midea, MMKC (Misrak Meserete Kirstos Church), The Navigators, IEC (International Evangelical Church) and others.

Challenges the POD solves

Print on demand rather than waiting for a minimum print run (5,000-10,000 Books).
Print “In House “ rather than paying a third party copy shop or large scale publisher.
Print locally, rather than smuggling Bible across country boarders or paying shipping and import fees.
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