Wycliffe Ethiopia believes in the vitality of knowledge and expertise in order to assure quality Bible translation
Training is one of the visions of Wycliffe Ethiopia. Therefore, we make training one of our primary emphasis in the ministry of the organization. Currently, we focus our training on three areas: Bible Translation Advisers Training, Masters of Arts in Translation of Scripture (MATS), and Staff Capacity Building.

Bible Translation Advisers Training

This program aims to equip Bible Translation Advisers from various language groups, not only from Wycliffe Ethiopia’s
translation projects but also from translation teams of different church denominations, Bible translation organizations and
other partnering organizations. Our passion is to equip skillful and confident translation advisers who produce quality Bible
translations in the heart languages of our minority ethnic groups. The training program started four years ago, in August
2019, and has now completed training the first group for three years, conducting the training twice a year. This first group is now doing their advisory work with their Bible translation teams. Our curriculum

comprises various theological courses and linguistic courses including the Biblical languages – Hebrew and Greek. We will
soon begin to train the second batch who are currently registering from different institutions.

MATS study program – This program has been launched in partnership with the Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL). It is a Masters degree program which is planned to further train selected Bible translation advisers, with the aim for them to become Bible Translation Consultants. Currently we have four students, three from our organization and one from Mekane Yesus Church Translation Department. The students are working hard on their studies while they are at the same time pursuing their formal job. This program is unique in that the students’ performance is assessed based on their competence in the practical work related to Bible translation.
Staff Capacity Building – This program mainly focuses on short trainings given mainly for the main office staff with the aim to build up their capacity in different relevant areas. Computer training, training on how to use technology for our daily work (like zoom technology, email, and other digital media), and leadership training are some of them. Communications and language training will also be given as the need arises.
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