“Onxa Digga” (Shalom)

Wycliffe Ethiopia recently completed a translation of the New Testament Bible into the Tsaara language. In this process, re-checking the translation (review check) is carried out. Review checking means when the original language speakers or (Reviewers Checking) read the translated Bible and make their own basic observations or responses. Language speakers or Reviewers Check to make their observations by reading and hearing the translation. The reviewers check for the naturalness of the language, its grammatical correctness, the quality, the consistency, the tone of the language, and its systematic approach to language. In general, the main purpose of reviewer checking is to check the quality of the translation.
The people you see in the photos are reading, listening, and reviewing the Tsaara New Testament Bible translated by Wycliffe Ethiopia. Thanks to God for the great work of these and other Wycliffe Ethiopia translation experts who have enabled the translation of the New Testament into the Tsaara language. We thank God and ask you to pray fervently that Wycliffe Ethiopia will continue to be strengthened in this and similar works.

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