Oral Bible Translation (OBT) - in the language of the Endegagn

Oral Bible Translation (OBT) – in the language of the Endegagn
Endegagn has become a pioneering language for Wycliffe Ethiopia in translating the Bible orally. Wycliffe Ethiopia began the work of translating the Bible orally for the first time in Endegagn, a language spoken by the Endegagn people in southern Ethiopia. This language is one of the “Sebat Bet Gurage.”
Just as Wycliffe Ethiopia began translating the Bible orally (OBT) into the Endegagn language, he believes that with God’s help and goodness, he will continue to expand this work into other languages as well.
Wycliffe Ethiopia organized a three-week training based on the Endegagn language to achieve this goal. The participants in the training were Head Coach Alemu Zegeye from Wycliffe Ethiopia, Coach-Trainer Yakubu Gideon from Nigeria, Translation Consultant Getachew Yohannes, three Translation Observers from Wycliffe Ethiopia, two Translation Observers from Harvest Mission, and one Translation Observer, Kevin Williams from the Faith Comes by Hearing institute, Mesfin Assefa from Wycliffe Ethiopia as a Back Translator, and community checkers who are native speakers from the rural church. Brother Andinet Meaza primarily coordinated the Oral Bible Translation (OBT) ministry at Wycliffe Ethiopia and facilitated this training professionally. This world-class training took place in the headquarters that Wycliffe Ethiopia recently inaugurated. The training was practical and achieved its intended goal. Thank God for helping us with all this training activity. We ask you to pray that this ministry will be further expanded to reach all people and that all people will be added to the kingdom of God.

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