Message From The Director

I understand how the term “mother tongue” can be more theoretical than experiential but think of the concept as the language you dream in at night. Think of those dreams that you wake up from feeling encouraged, joyful, and energetic… they never happen in a strange and unfamiliar language you barely understand. Our dream language is the language that gets down into our inner being and gets into our hearts. Therefore, whether we are coming to know the saving message of Jesus, or learning to read and write for the first time, or discovering the intricacies of the universe, it will be more impactful when done in our mother tongue.
Many of us reading this have been lucky enough to have this privilege, but sadly, there are still ethnic minority groups across the world that do not have the freedom and structure to learn, teach, and express themselves in their ‘heart languages’. As you continue to learn more about us, it is my hope that you come away with a fresh appreciation for the work that is being done, and you will partner with us in any way you are able to. May we see the need and respond so that every man, woman, and child will have access to education and development and that heaven will be filled with people from every language, tribe, and nation.
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