Ts'ara Translation

The Chara also known as the “Ts’ara” are a people group of Ethiopia. They form a part of the  Gimira  peoples of Ethiopia and live in the Kaffa Highlands and the Debub Omo area.
Their three main villages are Geba a meša,  Buna Anta , and Kumba and they practice subsistence farming and hold to a syncretic religion of Oriental Orthodox Christianity with tribal
practices. The Chara people speak their own Chara language a member of the Omotic Language group, which is linguistically similar to  Melo and the numerically much larger Wolaytta both of which many Chara also speak. 
The area is less accessible because of a lack of infrastructure. People use mules and horses for transportation. According to the 1994 census, the Chara community is approximately numbered


14,000. Historically, they were numerous in number until they were decimated through war and
the frequent slave raids.
Wycliffe Ethiopia is currently involved in Bible Translation and Literacy among the Ts’ara. The
Ts’ara NT is close to completion and soon will be sent for publication. Literacy work id thriving
among the Ts’ara and a new Orthography has been done by Wycliffe Ethiopia and approved by
the Kafa Zone government for use.

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