Muhur Translation Project

The Muhur are a Semitic-speaking ethnic group inhabiting the Gurage Zone, a fertile, semi-mountainous region in central Ethiopia, about 125 kilometers southwest of Addis Ababa, bordering Ezha in the South, Kebena in the West, Kokir Gedebano in the North and Meskane. In the East. It was part of former Ezhana Wolene woreda. Muhur is a people group located 120 km South of Addis Ababa. The Muhur is one of the “Sebat bet Gurage” people groups. Majorities of the Muhur people live in their homeland, but about 20% of the population is scattered all over the country in urban areas.
They live in an area with an elevation of 1000 to 3600m above sea level. They have lowland and highland climates.

The Muhur, along with other clans of the Gurage tribe, are known as the hardest-working group
of people in Ethiopia, they are best known as businesspeople in cities like Addis Ababa. Most small
businesses in Addis Ababa belong to them.
Those who live in the rural Muhur area are dependent on mixed farming. They make a living by raising
livestock and growing crops such as Enset, Barley, Teff, potatoes, and other vegetables.
85% of the Muhur population are identified as Orthodox Christians, 0.2% belong to Evangelical Christians
and the rest are Muslims.
Wycliffe Ethiopia started Bible Translation among the Muhur in 2023.

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